One year unlimited Standard Norwegian course subscription.


Learn as much Norwegian as you want during one year for as little as 2 999,- NOK* per month! 



We know that sometimes learning a language takes time.

Sometimes you simply want to repeat what you have learned, go back, redo it.

We know that you want to retain your flexibility: sometimes you want to learn in the morning - sometimes in the evening.

Sometimes you want to learn a lot, other times you need to have a break.

And because we know your needs, we want to introduce you to our Subscription (Abonnement) Norwegian Courses Package - Learn as much as you want during one year!

You can choose between ANY Norwegian standard course in our language school regardless of whether it is in the morning, afternoon or evening!

You choose between Mondays and Wednesdays sessions or Tuesdays and Thursdays or even weekend sessions!

You can repeat the course as many times as you want, and you can take as many courses as you like during a 12 months period.

We are flexible and we give you complete freedom in learning the Norwegian language. You can attend one or two courses at the same time.

You choose your main course and a secondary course. You are always granted a place on your first-choice (main) course while the place on the secondary course will be given to you under the condition that there is an available place in the group for you.

You can start the next course on the next level already during your ongoing course under the condition that you have completed 80% of your ongoing course.

You can repeat courses as many times as you want! You need to register for all courses online in the same way, as usual, disregarding the normal price – it will all be included in your Subscription (Abonnement) Package.

You can take make-up lessons in any group (also in intensive course groups) NO HIDDEN COSTS!

We will give you the best chance to learn as much Norwegian as possible: You can take up to 18 courses per year! Mix day and evening courses and get amazing results! 18 standard courses would cost you 85.680,- NOK

You can choose one of three options of payment:

  1. The yearly subscription costs 35.988,-NOK  - One (1) payment (one invoice) - no additional administration costs


  1. The yearly subscription costs 35.988,-NOK  - Four (4) quarter payments x 8.997,- NOK (4 invoices) - PLUS an additional 1600,- NOK administration cost per year


  1. The yearly subscription costs 35.988,-NOK  - Twelve (12) monthly payments 2.999,-NOK (12 invoices) - PLUS an additional 3000,- NOK administration cost per year


Condition: You must attend a minimum of 80% of the course classes. If you do not attend 80% of the chosen course, you will be charged the full fee for the whole course. Please understand that the school has reserved a spot for you on the course instead of another student. Offer is personal and cannot be transferred to another person.