Norskprøve courses

Velkommen til Norge!

Whether you are already in Norway or thinking about moving here, your journey to learn Norwegian starts at Alfaskolen.

Norskprøven is a series of exams at different levels and best suited for foreign residents who need to demonstrate “adequate knowledge” of the Norwegian language (for example for permanent residence or for citizenship).

This course is for students who wish to prepare for a Norwegian public exam or feel the need for repetition of the material covered in levels A1 and A2, B1 or B2, and wish to prepare themselves for the next level in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

In Alfaskolen we provide you with lots of practice tests and materials to help you improve your Norwegian skills and be more prepared for your Norskprøven exams.

Starting from 6,578 NOK

The course includes the following topic areas:

  • working life, economy and resources
  • the family
  • in the city and the countryside
  • daily life
  • housing and personal economy
  • school and education
  • the welfare state and human rights
  • food and health
  • immigration, emigration, culture and traditions
  • the media

In this course you will get an insight into the various exam tasks as well as strategies to tackle these. Practice solving the exam tasks in our language lab, using a program developed specifically to help you prepare for the Norwegian language proficiency test. Develop your language skills of speaking (muntligprøve), writing (skriveprøve), listening (lytteprøve) and reading (leseprøve). Get feedback from your teacher on your written and spoken performance. Build vocabulary within the relevant topic areas.

You will also repeat and strengthen your knowledge and understanding of the following areas of grammar:

  • The tense system and ways of talking about the past, the present and the future
  • Expressing your opinion using the verbs trorsynes and mener
  • Nouns and adjectives, declension patterns in the singular and plural, the use of indefinite and definite forms (especially in descriptions), comperative and superlative forms of adjectives
  • Possessives
  • Sentence structure, compound and complex sentences, word order in main and subordinate clauses
  • Linking words
  • Real and unreal conditional clauses, sentences with the grammatical subject “det”, sentences with the subordinating conjunction “som”
  • Basic punctuation rules

Choose what suit you best

Alfaskolen is an officially recognized provider of Norwegian second language and social studies tuition. Hours undertaken in our Norwegian courses are approved by UDI in applications for a permanent residence permit.

Choose what best fits your interests, needs and time availability. You can attend sessions once a week (Saturdays only, 6 lesson hours per session), twice a week (3 lesson hours per session for classroom-based courses and 2 lesson hours for online Norwegian courses, Monday/Wednesday OR Tuesday/Thursday) or four times a week (Monday – Thursday). Each lesson hour lasts 45 minutes.

You can choose to attend our courses at our school in Oslo or via Zoom. Certified, experienced native or native like teachers for one-on-one or group classes.
All our prices are in NOK.

This course is for students who wish to prepare for a Norwegian public exam or feel the need for repetition of the material covered in levels A2 and B1 and wish to prepare themselves for the next level in the CEFR.

Are you planning to take Norskprøve B1-B2? This course is for students who wish to refresh their grammar and vocabulary and practice their language skills at level B1-B2. Ideally, you should have completed standard or intensive courses B2-1, B2-2 and B2-3 or equivalent before taking this course.

This course is designed for learners who have completed standard or intensive courses on A2-level, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. If you don’t know your level, you can start by taking a Level Test.

Course Certificate
At the end of the Norskprøve courses, if you complete 80% or more of the course’s content, you will receive an official digital course certificate. 

Public holidays

Sessions that per regular schedule fall on a Norwegian public holiday, will be postponed to the next lesson day, unless otherwise discussed.

December 25 – January 1st Christmas break 2023/2024
March 28th – April 1st Easter break, school is closed 25.03-01.04
May 1stInternational Workers’ Day
May 9th Ascension Day
May 17th Norwegian Constitution Day
May 20thSecond day of Pentecost
December 21 – January 5th Christmas break 2024/2025