Individual Norwegian courses

Individual Norwegian courses

Are you interested in studying Norwegian one-on-one?

Taking individual lessons is one of the most intensive and effective methods of learning a foreign language. The instruction is designed according to your needs, wishes and interests and you have the teacher’s full attention.

Individual lessons are adapted to your requirements, interests, and previous experience with Norwegian. They can substitute a group course, or they can serve a more specific purpose, like helping you to get ready for an exam, brushing up on your pronunciation, working on your writing skills, making you more confident in small talk and so on.

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Would you like a faster or slower progression than you get on a group course? Do you need speaking practice with feedback before a proficiency exam? Do you have many questions about Norwegian you would like to get answers to? In that case, individual lessons may be a great fit for you.

Starting from 1089 NOK

The course schedule is flexible in order to meet your needs. Individual courses can be arranged for a single participant or, if you prefer, for groups of up to three participants.

In order to create a tailor-made individual course in the most effective way, we recommend that you first take a placement lesson (690 NOK). In a 45-minute lesson, one of our experienced teachers will present you with listening, writing, reading and speaking tasks, and talk with you about your goals and wishes. Based on your performance and your preferences, your teacher can create a course that really fits your needs.

Number of hoursPrice per hour
5 – 9 hours1089 NOK
10 hours1056 NOK
20 hours1040 NOK
30 hours1023 NOK
40 hours1006 NOK
50+ hours990 NOK

Second participant + 330 NOK per hour

Third participant + 220 NOK per hour

1 participant
Your skills and objectives are first analyzed and then used to create a personalized program for you adapted to your requirements and schedule. To get a more complex insight into your language skills, we recommend taking a placement lesson at the beginning of your course. The program is offered at all levels, from complete beginners to advanced learners. The participant is allowed to first purchase one session. After this first session a purchase of minimum 5 lesson hours for a certain period is required (for example 5 lesson hours within 2 months or 10 lesson hours within 3 months).

2 – 3 participants
This course is ideal for friends or a family who wish to study Norwegian together. In this small, intensive group, the course is adapted to the individual requirements of the participants. The course focuses on your interests and runs at a speed suitable for your group. All participants need to be at approximately the same language level. The participants are allowed to first purchase one session. After this first session a purchase of minimum 10 lesson hours for a certain period is required (for example 10 lesson hours within 3 months or 20 lesson hours within 3 months).

Please note that individual courses will expire one year from the purchase date and no refund is given for unused lesson hours.

For individual courses, please contact us: info@alfaskolen.no