Solidifying listening, speaking, reading and writing Norwegian

Communicate spontaneously

Our Norwegian High Intermediate Course is designed to give students the reading, writing, listening and speaking skills necessary for high-intermediate communication.

Our course is the ideal extension for anyone who can understand the main points of clear standard speech on familiar matters regularly encountered in everyday life (work, school, leisure, etc).

Our B2 High Intermediate Level will improve your conversational skills and enhance your linguistic awareness of the Norwegian language. You will be able to understand the main ideas of complex texts on both concrete and abstract topics, including technical discussions in your field of specialization.

Our B2 High Intermediate courses are for those who want to solidify listening, speaking, reading and writing Norwegian. Perfect for those who want the autonomy to carry out most of the tasks that involve the use of the Norwegian language.

Starting from 3960 NOK

Being at a B2 level in Norwegian means that you:

  • can present topics related to your own daily life, but also about politics, the environment and the media
  • can give instructions and messages, and understand some Norwegian dialects
  • are able to critically evaluate texts and use different learning strategies as needed
  • write texts in various genres, such as minutes, abstracts and argumentative texts
  • interact with a degree of fluency and spontaneity that makes regular interaction with native speakers possible and comfortable for either party
  • can produce clear, detailed texts on a wide range of subjects and explain your viewpoint on topics stating the advantages and disadvantages of various options
  • are equipped to handle all common language situations in Norway and do so confidently

Choose what best suits you

Alfaskolen is an officially recognized provider of tuition. Hours undertaken in our Norwegian courses are approved by the UDI in applications for a permanent residence permit.

This course is designed for learners who have completed the Intermediate course B1, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. If you want to join this course without having completed the B1 level, we encourage you to take our Norwegian Placement Test to confirm your level.

Choose what best fits your interests, needs and availability. You can attend sessions once a week (Saturdays only, 6 lesson hours per session), twice a week (3 lesson hours per session for classroom-based courses and 2 lesson hours for online Norwegian courses, Monday/Wednesday OR Tuesday/Thursday) or four times a week (Monday – Thursday). Each lesson hour lasts 45 minutes.

You can choose to attend our courses at our school in Oslo or via Zoom. Certified, experienced native or native-like speaking teachers for one-on-one or group classes.
All of our prices are in NOK.

This is our best deal for the higher-intermediate-level of Norwegian at Alfaskolen. This course is included in our Unlimited Norwegian lessons offer. You will become even more proficient in Norwegian grammar and continue to focus on pronunciation and active use of Norwegian.

With this course, you will complete B2.1 and B2.2 of the B2 level.

This is the first high intermediate-level Norwegian language course at Alfaskolen. You will be very fluent and versatile in expressing yourself.

This is the second high intermediate-level Norwegian language course at Alfaskolen. You will be participating in meetings and discussions with confidence, justifying your opinions and using appropriate Norwegian language in sensitive social situations.

With this course, you will complete B2.3 and B2.4 of the B2 level.

This is the third high intermediate-level Norwegian language course at Alfaskolen. You will be able to critically evaluate texts and use different learning strategies.

This is the fourth and last high intermediate-level Norwegian language course at Alfaskolen. You will communicate efficiently with various audiences on a wide range of familiar and new topics to meet most personal, academic or professional demands, including many which presume experience in public speaking and critical listening.

If you are qualified, you can now apply for free Norwegian language training at Alfaskolen! On behalf of the Norwegian Directorate for Integration and Diversity (IMDi), Alfaskolen now offers 80 hours of free Norwegian language training for level B2. Learn more.

Discuss current, practical topics and boost your conversational abilities, pronunciation, and confidence in speaking Norwegian correctly both in private and at work. Give your spoken Norwegian skills its finishing touches. Learn more.

Grammar B2 (extended grammar) strengthens your use of advanced Norwegian grammar. You need to speak Norwegian well and be, at a minimum, at level B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Learn more.

Are you planning to take Norskprøve B1-B2? This course is for students who wish to refresh their grammar and vocabulary and practice their language skills at level B1-B2. Ideally, you should have completed standard or intensive courses B2-1, B2-2 and B2-3 or equivalent before taking this course. Learn more.

This course is perfect for anyone who wants to take the Bergenstest exam (Norwegian language state exam) on the advanced Norwegian language levels B2-C1. Learn more.

Course material

The classroom-based B2 course uses the textbook and exercise book Her på Berget (2016). These can be purchased at Alfaskolen’s reception prior to your first class.
Access to a digital learning resource is included in online courses and will be sent before the first class.

Course Certificate

At the end of the B2 High Intermediate Level, if you complete 80% or more of the course’s content, you will receive an official digital course certificate. This certificate is valid for permanent residence and citizenship applications in Norway.

Public holidays

Sessions that per schedule fall on a Norwegian public holiday, will be postponed to the next course day, unless otherwise discussed.

December 25 – January 1st Christmas break 2023/2024
March 28th – April 1st Easter break, school is closed 25.03-01.04
May 1stInternational Workers’ Day
May 9th Ascension Day
May 17th Norwegian Constitution Day
May 20thSecond day of Pentecost
December 21 – January 5th Christmas break 2024/2025