We know what it takes to prepare you for the Norwegian language proficiency exams "Norskprøve" and "Bergenstest". 


We offer courses for all proficiency levels:


About Classroom-based Exam Preparation Courses

The classroom-based exam preparation courses will prepare you optimally for the various tasks of the exam at your particular level. You will learn strategies to solve the exam tasks and your teacher will guide you on which areas to focus on to pass the exam. In addition to your classroom sessions, you are also expected to complete a minimum of 12 lesson hours of online self-study. You will practic the exam tasks using a program developed especially to help you prepare for the Norwegian language proficiency test. Your homework tasks will relate mostly to writing and reading skills.


Course levels

The exam preparation course is offered at four levels, corresponding to the levels of the language tests. The courses will prepare you for the language test you want to pass. They are not regular language courses focusing on systematic progression. We suggest, therefore, that you make sure your actual language level corresponds to the level you aim at achieving in the language test.


  • A1-A2 - You should be at level A2 for this course.
  • A2-B1 - You should be at level B1 for this course. 
  • B1-B2 - You should be at level B2 for this course.
  • B2-C1 - You should be at level C1 for this course. 


Completing the course

Benefit from our flexible blended learning approach:


Course material

Course material consists of various texts for reading comprehension practice as well as building vocabulary within the relevant topic areas, listening exercises, grammar and language use exercises, and some theoretical material such as overviews of grammar usage. Course materials are included in the price of the course and are prepared by your teacher.


Course certificate

At the end of the course, if you completed 80% or more of the sessions and paid the course fee, you will receive an official digital course certificate.


Public holidays

Sessions that per schedule would fall on a Norwegian public holiday, will take place on Fridays. Check specific course schedule for details. 

Course price

NOK 5 980,-


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