Healthcare Norwegian Online Course with Teacher Guidance

Healthcare Norwegian is a self-study Norwegian online course specialising in healthcare-related topics.

Gain the knowledge you need as a skilled employee with a healthcare professional background to qualify for work in the healthcare sector in Norway.

Get access to and contribute with your skills to the Norwegian healthcare job market as a:

  • Nurse
  • Medical doctor
  • Pharmacist
  • Medical student
  • Assistant nurse

This specialised course for healthcare professionals is offered at two levels, A2 and B1 or higher. 

Requirement: Norwegian skills on A2 level.

Do you need approved hours?

Requirements from the Directorate for higher education and skills for having approved online-based Norwegian lessons:

You must combine a maximum of 10 self-study online lesson hours (45 minutes each) per week with a least 2 lesson hours with individual tutoring (one-to-one supervision) via Zoom.

Approved hours count towards permanent residency and are mandatory when applying for Norwegian citizenship.