Do you want to use the summer holiday period to study the Norwegian language and learn to communicate more efficiently? Our summer courses in Oslo help you to improve your current level of Norwegian. They are also great for you to stay in touch with the Norwegian language between courses.

Summer courses are not included in our Unlimited Norwegian lessons offer. 

About our Norwegian summer courses

Alfaskolen's Norwegian summer courses take place between June and August for a total of 10 weeks. Every week counts as its own course and you choose yourself how many weeks you want to attend. The summer courses use a flexible approach in which the instructor can vary their teaching methods based on the group's needs. Although we emphasize a pleasant "holiday" atmosphere, the Norwegian summer courses are intense and significantly accelerate your language-learning progress. The coursework focuses on comprehension of written and spoken Norwegian and improving Norwegian pronunciation.

If you prefer Intensive evening courses during the summer please click here.

Summer courses are not included in our Unlimited Norwegian lessons offer. 


Course levels

The course is offered at five levels according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR):

  • Basic (people without knowledge of the Norwegian language)

  • Beginner (participants at CEFR level A1 or who have previously studied Norwegian and know the basics of the language)

  • Lower intermediate (participants at levels CEFR A2)

  • Intermediate (participants at levels CEFR A2 - B1)

  • Advanced (participants at CEFR levels B2 - C1) 

In addition to the ordinary Summer courses, Alfaskolen offers Conversation courses (Summer course PLUS), on every level for each week in which enough people have expressed their interest. 


Placement test

You are asked to provide the school with information regarding your current level of Norwegian in the comments section when signing up for the course. All summer course participants will automatically be sent a placement test by e-mail when confirming their registration through our website. The placement test is conducted online. The placement test is obligatory for all participants that will be taking levels higher than A1-1 (new beginners). Based on the result of the placement test and in consultation with you, we will find an appropriate course for you. You can also complete the placement test at the school where it takes place each Monday at 08:00. We recommend visiting the school during the week prior to your first week of the summer course in order to complete the placement test.


Course structure

The course length varies from 1 up to a maximum of 10 weeks. You will have sessions daily from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 12:15. Each session consists of 3 lesson hours and one self-study hour for a total of 20 lesson hours per week. When registering for the Summer PLUS, you will have 4 lesson hours (one lesson hour conversation) and one self-study hour per day, for a total of 25 lesson hours per week. Simply purchase the desired number of weeks. One lesson hour lasts 45 minutes.

2 x 45 mins: During this session, you will learn new vocabulary and grammar related to the topic of the day. You will be introduced to new idioms and their uses.

Self-study: During self-study, you will study tasks and assignments together with assigned co-students in a small group of 3-4 persons. Together you will apply new vocabulary and complete grammar exercises.

1 x 45 mins: During this session, you will discuss your self-study group assignments with your teacher. You will also train your practical understanding of spoken Norwegian through comprehension exercises.

Conversation (Summer PLUS course): During this session, you will practice your conversational ability, pronunciation, and grammar in daily conversation.

  Summer course (20 lesson hours per week): Summer course PLUS (25 lesson hours per week):
 Two lessons a 45 min   09:00-10:30  09:00-10:30
 Break  15 min  15 min
 Self-study  10:45-11:30  10:45-11:30
 One lesson a 45 min  11:30-12:15  11:30-12:15
 Break  XXXXXXXX  15 min
 Conversation  XXXXXXXX  12:30-13:15


Course materials

Materials are included in the price of the course and are prepared for lessons by the teacher according to the requirements of participants.


Course start dates 2020

  • Basic level:  Dates will be announced soon.
  • Other levels:  Dates will be announced soon.

The last day of the summer courses in 2020 will be announced soon.


Course certificate

At the end of the course, if you completed 80% or more of the course's content and paid the course fee, you will receive an official digital course certificate.


Course prices

You can purchase a minimum of 1 week and up to a maximum of 10 weeks.

 Price per week:               Summer course
 (20 lesson hours per week)        
                        Summer PLUS
  (+ 5 lesson hours of  conversation per week)
 1 week  NOK  2 250  NOK  600 per week
 2 weeks  NOK  4 410 (2205 per week)  NOK  600 per week
 3 weeks  NOK  6 480 (2160 per week)  NOK  600 per week
 4 weeks  NOK  8 460 (2115 per week)  NOK  600 per week
 5 weeks  NOK 10 350 (2070 per week)  NOK  600 per week
 6 weeks  NOK 12 150 (2025 per week)  NOK  600 per week
 7 weeks  NOK 13 860 (1980 per week)  NOK  600 per week
 8 weeks  NOK 15 480 (1935 per week)  NOK  600 per week
 9 weeks  NOK 17 010 (1890 per week)  NOK  600 per week
 10 weeks  NOK 18 450 (1845 per week)  NOK  600 per week


If you want to add additional course-week(s), you should book these by Wednesday the week before the next course-week begins. The school does not reserve places in the courses for students who are not pre-registered or have not yet confirmed their registration for the following course-week.

* When booking several weeks, one invoice for the whole period will be issued.

**Alfaskolen reserves the right to cancel/mix groups where there aren’t enough students. If students are registered for several weeks, they must take into account that changes will occur, as for example, change of teacher and change of students within the group, through the whole Summer course period.


Cancellation and absence

Cancellation of the whole or parts of Summer course must be done in writing. Schools rules regarding cancellation are as described under Resignation and Cancellation fees point 4.

If you miss one or more sessions you can make up lost tuition hours only by showing a doctor's note. Sessions can only be replaced at the same level and during the same Summer course period. Absence without sick leave is considered an invalid absence and tuition hours are not replaced.

Alfa TIP: Depending on your level, continue your education with one of our Standard or Intensive courses after you are finished with summer courses.