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This is third beginner-level Norwegian language course at Alfaskolen. This course continues from our A1.2 Norwegian course for beginners. By now you can express yourself in Norwegian in a simple way and can use Norwegian in present and past tense. 


This course is included in our Unlimited Norwegian lessons offer. 


Course level

The course offered studies at level A1-A2 based on language levels as described in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Your Norwegian lessons will be purely in Norwegian, so knowledge of the English language is not required. This also means that you will focus on speaking and understanding Norwegian from day one and learn Norwegian fast and efficiently!

After completing the course, you will be able to

  • understand frequently used Norwegian expressions
  • speak in Norwegian about
    • kindergarten and schools in Norway
    • family and family structure
    • Norway’s geography and climate
    • holidays and the workday
  • read Norwegian with more confidence
  • make appointments and respond to advertisements
    • schedule a doctor’s appointment
    • apply for jobs in Norway
    • rent accommodation in Norway
  • have conversations in Norwegian and talk about people, places, and things, using more advanced Norwegian sentence structures

With this course you complete part A2 of the Beginner level. 


  A1 – A2 (Best deal)

   På vei - Chapters: 1 – 16
   Lesson hours: 96
   Price: NOK 10 995



   Chapters: 1 – 8 (På vei)
   Lesson hours: 48
   Price: NOK 5 750



     Chapters: 9 – 16 (På vei)
     Lesson hours: 48
     Price: NOK 5 750


   Chapters: 1 – 4
   (På vei)  
   Lesson hours: 24
   Price: NOK 3 600 


   Chapters: 5 – 8
   (På vei) 
   Lesson hours: 24
   Price: NOK 3 600  


   Chapters: 9 – 12
   (På vei)
   Lesson hours: 24
   Price: NOK 3 600 


   Chapters: 13 – 16  
   (På vei)
   Lesson hours: 24
   Price: NOK 3 600  


You can attend sessions once a week (Satursdays only, 6 lesson hours per session), twice a week (3 lesson hours per session, Monday/Wednesday OR Tuesday/Thursday) or four times a week (3 lesson hours per session, Monday - Thursday). Each lesson hour lasts 45 minutes.

Course materials

This Norwegian course for beginners focuses on Chapters 9 to 16 of the book "På Vei" (2018 edition). The use of books and other teaching materials on the course is obligatory. Books are not included in the cost of the course and you can buy the required books at our school or in most bookshops. Your instructor will also provide additional material that is not included in your textbook and associated workbook. You will receive homework based on the textbook and workbook used on your course.

Course Certificate

At the end of the course, if you completed 80% or more of the course's content and paid the course fee, you will receive an official digital course certificate. 

Public holidays

Sessions that per schedule would fall on a Norwegian public holiday, will take place on Fridays.

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