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Some of our courses starting soon:

Standard A1-2
25th of February
17:00 - 19:15

Au-pair course A1
18th of February
11:15 - 13:40
Monday - Thursday

Standard A2
18th of February
17:00 - 19:15

Intensive B1-2
18th of February
13:15 - 15:40

Standard B2-1
19th of February
10:30 - 12:55



This course is designed for students with advanced Norwegian language skills or those who, having completed Alfaskolens Norwegian B2-1 course, are interested in further study. It is comprised of 10 sessions, each of which consists of 3 lesson hours (lasting 45 minutes each), the entire course thus consists of 30 lesson hours. The level for this course, based on the description provided by The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), is B2. 



The course is designed to tackle grammatical issues that usually cause difficulty for students at a high level. This for example includes the difference between “skal” and “vil” in the future tense, varying constructions of conditional “hvis” sentences and use of prepositions. The course will also help participants master the stylistic nuances in Norwegian.

Through various techniques the participants will develop their grammatical skills. The techniques include, in addition to exercises, the participants will work in groups to correct typical mistakes, train their skills in formulating complex sentence structures, and produce written work. A test at the start of the course enables the teacher to provide a level of teaching that is perfectly adapted to the students’ skill level.

Grammar points
The passive (“bli” and “-s” forms), advanced word order, simple or double determination (den norske bank / den norske banken), use of past participles as adjectives (plural forms such as forelskede and stjålne), use of man or enbegge to and begge delertil and for, placement of pronouns, hva and hva som, the various uses of , applying vil or skal in the future tense, the various uses of , comma rules, ingen and ikke noeningenting and ikke noe, compound nouns, modal adverbs (visst, joneppe, etc.), preterite futurum, preterite perfect, compound verbs, special inflexions for adjectives (“vin er dyrT”), use of superlatives when making a comparison (“Hvem er eldst, Per eller Kari?”), advanced sentence connectors (følgeligettersomi tilfelle etc.)



Course price:

NOK  4 430,-