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Alfaskolen is a private language school officially recognized by Vox, the Norwegian Agency for Lifelong Learning, as a private institution offering 600 compulsory hours of teaching in the Norwegian language and knowledge of the Norwegian community. As such, our courses fulfil the Norwegian language education and hour criteria necessary for obtaining Norwegian citizenship or permanent residence (for more information, visit

Our courses

We offer a variety of Norwegian courses throughout the year ranging from six-week evening courses and ten-week semester courses, to our intensive One-Year Program. Our secret to effective teaching and student success begins with our small class size. Our course size ranges from six to sixteen participants, which enable teachers to maximize their attention on the individual student while guaranteeing them a dynamic learning environment. Courses are conducted in the target/taught language.

Our teachers

We selectively recruit qualified teachers, linguists, and language specialists as educators so we can ensure the highest possible standard of instruction. We have an international team with teaching experience in Norway as well as other countries. Our main goal is to help you reach your goals and give you the opportunity to learn in an agreeable and friendly atmosphere 
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Public Holidays 2016:

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There are no classes during weeks 51 & 52